What things to try to find in Hardwood Flooring

By | June 16, 2021

Hardwood installation of flooring could be an excellent investment for the home. Whether you’re thinking of selling shortly or only want to prepare for a house sale down the road, wood installation of flooring is a nice-looking asset to have on your side.

Based on Realtor.com, hardwood floor installation provides you with between 70% and 80% return on investment! Contact us today if you wish to learn more.

If you’d like to add hardwood floors to your home, some tips about what our hardwood installation of flooring, installers have to express about deciding on the best floor for you.

Hardwood Flooring Tips:

The sort of wood species you select will affect the durability, color, and grain patterns in your brand-new floors. Wood floor installation can be an investment at home, which explains why it’s crucial to analyze what wood species would best complement your interior design. Your neighborhood remodeling company can allow you to find the correct hardwood.

Timber Texture:

Do you want sleek hardwood floors or something more rustic? Either way, hardwood floors come in a variety of textures to complement your design preferences and lifestyle. For example, you might want to consider distressed wood installation of flooring when you have a busy household with high foot traffic. Rustic hardwood floor is also great for disguising scratches from pet claws or wheelchair and walker use. Highly polished hardwood floors, on the other hand, make your house look elegant and sophisticated.

Ground Color:

Wood species useful for hardwood floors come in a selection of colors to complement your home’s surroundings. For example, dark hardwood floors can help make a large house feel cozier. Likewise, white wood floor helps your house feel more spacious and airy. Light hardwood floors may also be in a position to disguise dirt much better than their dark counterparts.

Bear in mind that what color hardwood you pick may also affect the amount of maintenance needed to keep your installation of flooring looking nice. For example, black wood flooring is prone to show dust and dirt. While black hardwood flooring can provide your house some luxury, many of the homeowners we work with decide to put in dark wood floors, which are just a shade or two lighter.


You were searching for wood floors that won’t scratch from Fido’s claws? You might want to take into account red oak hardwood floor. Red oak flooring can resist scratching much better than other species (like pine), rendering it a nice-looking choice for pet owners. Also, remember that scratches in solid hardwood floor may be sanded out and refinished as needed.


At Complete floor & Interiors, we value sustainability. If carbon footprint is essential to you, you can choose a hardwood floor brand that shares those priorities. We offer 18 green brands to collect hardwood floor options, including Anderson® Hardwood Floors and Appalachian Hardwood Floors.

Our Grand Rapids hardwood floor installers have various wood flooring to complement your home’s interior design.

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