I’m Not A Teen And I Want To Play Great Games Too

Online games are extremely popular especially among younger players. But there is an increasing interest in online games among baby boomers and older folks. Features found in some games can discourage more seasoned citizens from playing. What are some of the best game features that 50+ people want in a game?

One of the most frustrating aspect of many games is the amount of time given to play the game level. The easier levels are OK but as the game get interesting the time shortens in each level. Boomers may not be interested in playing against the clock. They just want to get through the game. สล็อต xo

Do you realize how frustrating it is to be one or two moves away from completing a level and have the time run out? Some games have a “relaxed” mode of play. This should be a required feature for anyone designing a game to interest baby boomers.

Designing games for boomers could be a very lucrative market. Just remember your more seasoned citizens may not be as competitive as teen boys. Boomers may be playing to relax and stimulate their brains in a fun way. Or just taking a break at work.

Of course it is also necessary to keep it simple (KISS). No need for complicated rules or difficult to achieve reward features. Keep it colorful, lively and entertaining. Boomers aren’t trying to qualify for the next pro gamers challenge.

Games for all us wiser ones can focus on non-violent themes. We’re really not too interested in shooting down pimps or slaying dragons. Blowing up colored balls is enough excitement.

But some type of measurement is fun. Maybe telling the player what per cent of colored blocks were blown up would be a nice accuracy feature to include. One game has a stats comparison against the beta gamers, that’s nice.

A great feature for a boomer game would be the ability to re-play any level at anytime. Some games make the mistake of forcing the player to return to either the beginning of that level or even worse the beginning of the game. Do you really think it’s fun to go back to level one when you failed level 64?

There are some new games that want the player to find a clue or object in a game. It may be a room in a house and the player must find 20 objects to go on to the next level. There is a time limit. If you don’t succeed you are stuck at that level forever. This is not very motivating for older players. Let them skip levels and continue playing. Hey, it’s just a game!

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