Apply McDonald’s Business Solutions to Keep Your Members Happy

There is a lot that can be said about McDonald’s customer awareness. They get to know their customer to deliver a better customer experience. As an owner of a fitness facility, you could learn a lot about customer research from this fast food restaurant. You can then employ your own tools like membership management software to better meet your customers’ needs.

What’s on your burger? That depends!

McDonald’s has their business strategy down to a science. Whether in Los Angeles, Tucson, Cincinnati, or New York, they have a clear understanding of their target markets. For example, in Los Angeles your hamburger is served with pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. A New York hamburger is served without mustard. From this, we can assume New Yorkers do not care for mustard and that McDonald’s has come to understand that nuance about these customers. The New Yorker has the same brand experience as someone in Los Angeles; however, their experience is tailored to their specific tastes. This is a classic example of ideal customer service. mcdvoice

Learn What the Customer Wants and Then Deliver It

Gym owners can learn a lot by looking outside of their isolated business model and at those of other industries. McDonald’s learned about the mustard intricacy through extensive market research, including surveys, interviews, and analysis of sales data. They simply asked their customers what they wanted to see on their hamburger and made the adjustments accordingly within each region. They also tracked customer habits based on sales to determine this difference in taste. The McDonald’s’ brand goes unchanged in the various markets and regions; however, the customer experience and level of satisfaction is enhanced.

What Member Insight Tools Are At Your Disposal?

Couldn’t your gym use the same type of boost? Member management software is an available tool for membership-based businesses to measure customer habits and make changes accordingly. Member management software helps you to look at your business data and analyze the existing correlations between the data, which makes each member unique. You should also take the time to interview members on a one-on-one basis to obtain general impressions and areas for improvement. If time does not allow for face-to-face interactions, send out surveys to your membership or leave comment cards in high traffic areas of your facility where members can find and complete them. Consider these topics when you write your questions:

· How often do you ask your members what they want to see in their gym experience?

· Do they find the hours to be convenient and flexible with their daily schedules?

· Is the gym providing a quality selection of group fitness classes?

· Does the gym’s equipment meet their fitness goals?

Make your questions as specific or general as you see fit. Remember to focus on obtaining useable data to improve your membership’s experience. Understanding your membership base is imperative to improved customer service and brand experience. Gain insight through surveys, comment cards, and your member management software.

Hossein Noshirvani is the Executive Vice President of Motionsoft, a leader in member management software. He has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over five years and has in-depth knowledge and keen insight into the industry. Follow Hossein and