How to Detect Marked Poker Cards Cheating Devices with Infrared Contact Lenses

By | December 29, 2020

Are you a person who wants to detect whether someone is using poker cheating devices? There are few ways in which a person can detect poker card cheating devices which are as follows

  • A common way of cheating is marking at the backside of the card. To detect this type of fraudulent activity all you have to do is wear sunglasses and you will be able to find whether you are being cheated or not. It is a well-known fact that sunglasses are UV glasses and hence it makes it easy to find cheating devices.
  • The second one is that a person might need different types of filters to detect marked poker cards because there are various types of inks that are invisible.
  • The electromagnetic spectrum has a segment called the visible spectrum. This visible spectrum can be seen by human eyes, which range from 380 nanometers to 700 nanometers. To make the invisible mark undetectable this concept is being used. This kind of fraudulent activity can be identified using various filter lenses.
  • People use a poker called edge marker which is marked cards that cannot be easily read because they are made of infrared paints that are invisible. This can be detected using small cameras or other small devices like cameras that are used on a mobile phone.
  • Barcode cards can be used in which your poker analyzer will find out and send you a signal if a person is using marked poker cards cheating devices. Another way is that a poker scanner can be used to find out whether there are invisible marks by reading the cards used for playing. 

Cheating devices in poker games can be identified by using either sunglasses or infrared contact lenses. With the advancement of technology, people find loopholes by involving fraudulent activities with the help of cheating devices in poker games. The ways mentioned above can help detect marked poker cards with cheating devices.

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