Company Registration

The Companies Registration (Hong Kong) Department is a statutory authority of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and located at the Office of the Secretary for Business and Statistics, Hong Kong, formerly known as the China Trade and Economic Bureau. It oversees the registration of non-Hong Kong businesses and the administration of business licenses. Its mission is to promote and support businesses in Hong Kong in achieving their development objectives and aspirations.

The department has offices in company registration Hong Kong different parts of thecompany registration in Hong Kong. Italso supervises and regulates the business registration procedures and requirements applicable in Hong Kong. This department enforces the laws and regulations governing the formation, management, and operation of a business. It is required for a company’s registration to comply with the statutory requirements that are applicable in Hong Kong.

The department provides registration services to registered and non-registered companies. It includes advice on the application procedure, the legal obligations that a company must comply with, and the procedures that must be followed by the company and its employees for registration, payment, and completion of registration forms.

Registration requirements can vary from company to company. Besides, registered companies must register as a corporation and obtain an official seal, registered office, and registered agent. Registration fees are generally based on the number of registered offices and the number of registered agents.

Companies that wish to do business in Hong Kong may apply for registration as a Business Improvement Project. It allows the business to be approved for a registration fee and receive a certificate if it is approved.

Registered companies must maintain records of their status, activities, and activities relating to their business in Hong Kong. The records must be maintained on a computerized database, so they are easily accessible.

The register of Companies’ activities is divided into three categories: commercial, domestic, and public. Each category has specific requirements for maintaining the register. Commercial and domestic registers may be updated by making changes to the business plan or other documentation.

A domestic register includes the name and location of the registered business. Registered agents in Hong Kong can apply for the renewal of a commercial license after two years. Domestic register members have the right to apply to change their names.

The business’ business license and its annual deposit for payment of tax are also listed.

An international company registered in Hong Kong can also make contributions to charitable organizations in Hong Kong. These donations are called contributions. The donors must be registered in the register of charities and must use the contributions for charity purposes.

A business in Hong Kong must make a copy of its annual report before submitting it to the Department of Trade for review. Companies that operate in Hong Kong must complete a business license application. These applications include details about the business, its registered agent, registered office, its registered office address, and its directors, its annual deposit, and annual tax return, among other things. It should also include information about its staff and its operations in Hong Kong.